Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE)

For the past ~6 years I have been involved with the Early Career Educators group for the Indian State Teachers Association (ISTA).

This past weekend, at the Good Teaching Conference in Plainfield, IN, a group of us presented about the Model Code of Ethics for Educators, focusing on Principle V: Technology. Our presentation (#SpillingTheTea with ECEs) reviewed/informed attendees about the history of the MCEE, and gave attendees time to “practice” and apply the different Principles to different scenarios. You can see the presentation here.

The MCEE is an important document, as it holds educators to a standard similar to that of those in the medical field. My recommendation is to hold trainings, workshops, and/or PDs on the MCEE. This could be a GREAT organizing tool as well. Open these trainings to both members and potential members in your worksites and school districts/corporations. Let the union be the face of the MCEE!


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